Goddess Phoenix

World-renowned Goddess Phoenix is a beautiful, provocative, legendary and highly skilled professional dominatrix and fetishist extraordinaire, with over 20 years of experience in the BDSM and kink communities.

Adept at interacting with submissive men, women and couples who wish to explore their BDSM and fetish interests and fantasies in a safe, sane and consensual manner, Goddess Phoenix enjoys working with, and is highly sought-after by, both novices and seasoned clients alike.

Her interests and expertise run the gamut of scenarios, techniques and skills, from intricate bondage, punishment and discipline, catering to all manner of fetishes and crafting deliciously engaging role-playing scenes from puppy play to kidnapping and interrogation/waterboarding scenes, both simple and complex.

For those more experienced clients who seek out someone skilled in the creative (and safe) use of more intense punishment techniques/implements and restrictive bondage, Goddess Phoenix is well-versed in leading submissives to levels of “subspace” that they may likely have never-before experiencedand She can draw upon Her vast experiences to push a sub’sboundaries in new and unexpected ways.


Greetings from the Goddess.

I am Goddess Phoenix.

I have owned and operated one of the largest dungeons in the southeastern US, Dungeon Studios, with over 10,000 sq.ft. of play space designed by professionals skilled in each theme.  This includes areas fully equipped with:

• Interrogation rooms
• Cross Dressing room
• Bondage and Suspension room
• Slave training room
• Abandonment cells and cages

I am intimately familiar with the use of virtually every toy, restraint, dungeon furniture and implement used in the BDSM scene and I’ve worked with all types of clients, from beginners to long-time players.

I enjoy training new slaves to exceed in their goal to become better submissives and to expand their experiences and fantasies. I also relish the opportunity to interact with more advanced players who need the guidance provided by the practiced knowledge that only an established and intelligent professionallike Me is able to offer to guide, nourish and foster their experiences and explore new scenes and activities.

I have enjoyed playing with men and women from around the world:

• White- and blue-collar workers from all walks of life
• CEOs of major corporations who want a strong Alpha Female to control them and force them to obey My every command .
• Judges, lawyers and Senators
• Celebrities too numerous to count (I’ve developed a reputation as the “Dominatrix to the Stars” because I’m extremely discreet and My client’s privacy is of paramount importance to Me)
• Military men and women who were interested in my unique and erotic interrogation methods.
• Couples who wish guidance and exploration to enhance their own private relationship dynamics and play
• Women interested in tutelage in becoming a professional Dominatrix themselves via my new Domme School.

I have served as Mistress of Ceremonies for DomCon 2013 and 2014, and been a Guest Of Honor and Featured Entertainer at numerous other BDSM and kink events across the world.  I was the title-belt holder as 2014 Southeast Kink Champion, and have won numerous BDSM competitions with My skilled and creative whip, flogging and spanking techniques.

Whether you are into hard-core fetishes or intense role-playing scenes, or a first-time novice wanting to explore your deepest desires, I am experienced at uncovering your proclivities, probing your desires and weaknesses and then pushing your buttons and feeding your interests while expanding your boundaries.

What’s your kinky fantasy? Lots of us have unspeakable desires deep down that we think of as kinky or unusual. The truth is that as long as nobody gets hurt (or at least not hurt more than they want to be hurt!) then there is no good reason not to explore such interests with someone who you, importantly, can trust and who readily knows how to leverage, manipulate and magnify those cravings.  I will allow you to explore fantasies that only you and I will understand.   You are not paying me to learn My craft on your dime; My years of experience enables me to know full well how to extract the most excitement, lust and fulfillment out of our time together

Just imagine a beautiful woman with the body of a Goddess, toned and athletic, strong and confident, sensuous curves standing over you, placing you on your knees, your craving My attention and My touch, compelling you to obey My slightestwhim.  Piercing eyes that mesmerize.  A body that compels worship.  Book Your Session Now. By Appointment Only.

• Email me. Tell Me a little about yourself and what you think might like to experience in a session.  I want to know your level of expertise and any specific activities or role-playing you might wish to try.
• I then handle all the hard work of hand-tailoring a session that will be amazing for both of us, but I am not a mind-reader and obviously need some insight into what makes you “tick” and any hot-buttons I might wish to push.
• My schedule books up quickly, so book your session in advance.