Miss Ava Zhang

It is important for submissives to understand what turns Me on, for only then will you begin to serve Me properly. The art of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, Masochism) is about exercising control and power. It is both sensual and cerebral. I find it incredibly erotic when a man surrenders himself to a Woman, holding nothing back and living joyously in the moment of utter submission. I take great pleasure in humiliating, using, objectifying, ridiculing, and punishing My slaves.

A disciplinarian and humiliatrix at heart, I guide My slaves with compassion and intuition, all with a charming sense of humor and affection.

you are a self-identified submissive who finds pleasure and happiness in serving a Dominant Woman. you are open-minded and exceptionally polite. you aim to please. you want what I want. your quality of performance in service to Me is a reflection of the respect you have for yourself as a worthy submissive, and the admiration you have for the Mistress to whom you choose to submit. I will accept nothing less from you.

you are here because you have chosen to embrace your submissive self. you are not afraid to explore this part of you—in fact, you understand that there is strength in submission, and freedom in surrender. your mind is racing with a million thoughts about the past, present, and future and you need a time in which you can stop thinking, stop stressing, and stop planning. To submit is to live only in the euphoria of the moment, experiencing an alternative reality created by someone else who knows what you are and what you want—this is at the heart of the harmonious Mistress/slave relationship.”